The 61st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

July 9 – 14

Image Credit: NASA

Welcome to ACL 2023!
ACL 2023 is hosted on a combination of, RocketChat, MiniConf (this site), and GatherTown!

Use the Schedule to find live sessions and set your timezone.
Chat with attendees using RocketChat on web and mobile!
  1. For options, use "Login with Underline"
  2. RocketChat on MiniConf/Underline: Try it out, login to the right!
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How can I find my session?
  1. Click "Papers".
  2. Search for your paper.
  3. Click on the title.
  4. Check the session assignment and time.

The ACL2023 virtual conference website is based on MiniConf and adapted for ACL 2023 by Pedro Rodriguez and the virtual infrastructure committee. MiniConf was built by Hendrik Strobelt and Sasha Rush. It was extended by the amazing ACL 2020 and EMNLP2020 teams.