Plenary: Navigating NLP in the Era of Large Language Models

Danqi Chen (Princeton), Swaroop Mishra (Google DeepMind) and Sara Hooker (Cohere)

navigating-nlp-in-the-era-of-llm: Plenary (Plenary Sessions)
Conference Room: Pier 2\&3
Conference Time: July 11, 15:45-16:30 (EDT) (America/Toronto)
Global Time: July 11, navigating-nlp-in-the-era-of-llm (19:45-20:30 UTC)

Join us for a panel featuring experts Sara Hooker (Cohere), Swaroop Mishra (Google DeepMind), and Danqi Chen (Princeton), who will provide invaluable insights into navigating the tempestuous seas of NLP in the era of large language models. This discussion will guide students and early career researchers through impactful directions, progress-making strategies, offering perspectives from academia and industry.

Tuesday, July 11 - Time: 13:45–14:30 EDT

Room: Pier 2&3

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