Plenary: The Future of Computational Linguistics in the LLM Age

Dan Klein (UC Berkeley), Meg Mitchell (Hugging Face), Roy Schwartz (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

the-future-of-computational-linguistics-in-the-llm-age: Plenary (Plenary Sessions)
Conference Room: Metropolitan
Conference Time: July 11, 16:45-17:45 (EDT) (America/Toronto)
Global Time: July 11, the-future-of-computational-linguistics-in-the-llm-age (20:45-21:45 UTC)

Chair: Iryna Gurevych Technische Universität Darmstadt

Tuesday, July 11 - Time: 14:45-15:45

This is a panel discussion with:

  • Dan Klein (UC Berkeley)

  • Meg Mitchell (Hugging Face)

  • Roy Schwartz (the Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

They will present short statements (5 to 7 min.) related to the main topic of the panel

  • New opportunities (e.g., artificial general intelligence, responsible NLP);

  • Technical challenges (e.g., multimodality, instruction-tuning, etc.)

  • Real life problems & societal implications (e.g., hallucinations, biases, future job market);

  • LLMs and the future of NLP; and

  • Open-science vs. commercial LLMs

Followed by discussion with the panel and audience.

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